Kubernetes Series

Kubernetes Series

We have come a long way from large monolithic applications deployed on clusters of servers performing complex business operations to micro-services performing one specific function. Containers have played a major role in this transformations. However, this simplicity and flexibility comes with a price. The price to pay here is managing large number of containers which includes, building, deploying, scaling and orchestrating them.

Enter Kubernetes, which is an open source container orchestration platform. It was developed and battle tested in google which makes it a very popular amongst startups and enterprises alike. Kubernetes as evolved as the de-factor container orchestration platform over the years. It has been one of the top 10 “most contributed” open sources projects in 2018 and 2019.  Kubernetes automates the container deployment, scaling and management.

Whats in store for you in this series?

Kubernetes knowledge is a must have skill for all aspiring DevOps professionals. We will not be going in depth into the Kubernetes architecture or different components of Kubernetes. There are awesome documentations already out there all over the internet. But, instead we will be covering most of the functions a DevOps engineer may have to perform on his day to day tasks on Kubernetes.

Here are the following things we will be learning in this series:

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